6 Months 4K IPTV


6 Months IPTV HDTV Service – Email delivery Only

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الرجاء تثبيت التطبيق الذي سوف يصلك لك على الاميل

Service for 6 Months

Email delivery Only

Android system

step1. download the apk that in this email ( can not open the file only save)
step2. put those apk in your usb storage, or SD card
step3. open box and connect usb/SD card with box,connect a wire or wireless mouse with box
step4. open filemanager or AppInstaller in box(extra) and then find usb sybal on top buttons(3th one)
step5. click usb and find the apk in the usb/SD card
step6. after you click on apk its will remind to install, intall those apk one by one.
step7. after finished install press “home” button on remote or on screen “home” button


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